SKOTE* is a performance project dedicated to the politic of otherness. We are choreographers, designers, directors, performers and writiers. Our work is a hybrid of dance for camera and video installation and our methods are rooted in the queer history of camp, mime and 70’s pedestrian movement practices. We believe speaking through an/other's voice is the contemporary condition. We are media constructions - recorded, reordered, coded and decoded, duplicated ad nauseam - a type of decay we appreciate, promote and study.

SKOTE has performed, shown and screened in galleries, nightclubs, public spaces and theaters since 2006. Based in New York City, SKOTE were most recently artists in residence at Pioneer Works and completed a video commission for the Tang Museum as part of Liz Collins installation Energy Field. SKOTE has performed at Socrates Sculpture Park, Judson Church with Movement Research, Bodega Gallery, Participant Inc., and La MaMaGalleria and had solo shows at Regina Rex (Brooklyn) and Night Gallery. (LA) Our video work has been screened at the MIX NYC film festival, Vox Populi, NoMinino (Ecuador) and The Israeli Center for Digital Art (Holon).  SKOTE attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Residency in 2010 and received a grant from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts in 2011.



Ladies & Gentlemen:

We are SKOTE, complicated like clowns.

We play with margins and borders, unstable and abstract.

We wear costumes, your mirror - our armor.

We dance inside the outside, our bodies ambiguous.

We perform the catalog, the residue a remix.

Produce. Consume. Discard.

Are you buying?


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